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Live sessions from Nov 16th - Nov 20th

Ready for a challenge?

Learn how to scale and grow your business with ManyChat in our free, live workshop series.

For five consecutive days, participate in five workshops, each dedicated to a specific business goal. With ManyChat, you can collect, nurture, and re-engage high-quality leads — and our team of experts will show you just how to do so.

If you have recently started exploring ManyChat or have always wanted to learn more about all of the tools and features that can help you collect, nurture, and re-engage high-quality leads, then this series is for you.

Here's what to expect:

Each workshop is created in a way to share the best practices, provide theory around why and what you can do with ManyChat, and most importantly, learn how to use the exact same tools to activate your ManyChat Bot.

Every day there will be a 90-minute live session where you get a hands-on experience and can ask any questions. There will be two sessions per day for you to choose from: 8 am PT or 2 pm PT. 

Complete all five sessions and implement the tactics, then receive a bundle of free ManyChat goodies!


Day 1 (Nov 16th): How to acquire free Messenger subscribers to increase sales and automate your customer support

  • General intro to ManyChat
  • Understand the reasoning for Chat Marketing in your business
  • Create the first free campaign to generate contacts, building your list through customer support
  • Learn Live Chat workflows (notify admin, open and assign conversation, installing widget)
  • Install the templates from this session!

About the Speakers

Gustavo Boregio is the founder of MarketingporMessenger.com, a leading Chat Marketing Academy for ManyChat's Spanish speaking professionals. He works with dozens of clients through Chat Blender and his own agency. With his background in engineering and marketing, Gustavo helps his clients unleash the full potential of ManyChat with advanced strategies that get results.

Stephen Bradeen is the co-founder of www.ChatBlender.com a chat marketing implementation hub for agencies, e-commerce, and some other businesses. He has coached an elite chat marketing training called, The Bot Academy, for years and has been featured in ManyChat case studies. He is one of the top certified experts in our directory.

Day 2 (Nov 17th): How to create a simple Messenger campaign that will drive more leads than a landing page

  • Overview of the Main Growth tools, setting up the first campaign
  • Learn Messenger Ref URL and Comment Growth tools
  • Build your multichannel customer list
  • Create an interactive Messenger experience that will generate more leads than a traditional landing page
  • Get the "Blueprints" to grow your messenger lists as quickly as possible!

About the Speaker

Nic Frachon is the co-founder of Bot Builders, who comes from a background in Communication Studies. After graduating he began work as Deputy Press Secretary for the mayor of Austin before discovering Chat Marketing. 

Day 3 (Nov 18th): How to get in touch with your list on SMS, Messenger and email, whenever you need them

  • Collect contact details in order to go multichannel (via user input and One-time notification permissions during your first campaign)
  • Use Email, OTN (One-time notifications), and SMS for further re-engagement campaigns via broadcasts and date/event triggers
  • Learn how to use email and SMS and reach your audience regardless of where they are
  • Discover how to quickly grow your audience and get subscribers from website and social media with a low cost-per-lead
  • Install the templates from this session!

About the Speakers

Trilce Jirón is the founder of TBS Marketing in Costa Rica, designed Interdepartmental Marketing. By providing communication channels that include both the client’s staff and top-tier managers, and uniting graphic design, marketing, sales, and customer support under one umbrella, she can brag about her company’s unbelievable results and 100% retention rate.

Angela Allan is the founder of an award-winning Australian Chat Marketing agency. She’s also a conversion copywriter whose sales page for Matthew Hussey resulted in 44% more sign-ups, and her strategies have helped countless clients land six-figure deals. As an award-winning journalist, Angela has written for Rolling Stone, FHM, and Australian Penthouse

Day 4 (Nov 19th): How to seamlessly drive traffic from Facebook Ads to Messenger to build your list and customers

  • Deep dive into Ads + Lead Gen use case
  • Collect contact details via user input and OTN permissions 
  • Generate subscribers (leads) through FB CTM ads + follow up flows within 24 hours 
  • Convert cold traffic and getting more subscribers into the funnel
  • Install the templates from this session!

About the Speaker

Mackensie Liberman is the founder and CEO of Orca Marketology. Before entering the world of digital marketing, Mackensie is one of the top experts in the field of chat marketing utilizing the ManyChat platform and has worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of industries, from brick and mortar stores to multi-million dollar e-commerce businesses. She has also been featured on the Perpetual Traffic podcast, spoke on numerous stages about bots, including at Digital Marketer’s WarRoom Mastermind, the Business of Bots Conference, and ManyChat’s Conversations Conference.

Day 5 (Nov 20th): Bonus session, only for the brave! Increase Ad performance and integrate with other tools

  • Learn about “Add to Facebook Custom Audience” action and how to use Customer segmentation for improving conversions of future campaigns
  • Find out how to use lookalike targeting for better ad performance
  • Understand how to implement ManyChat Integrations
  • Master external requests and other advanced tools

About the Speaker

Natasha Takahashi is the Co-Founder of School of Bots, the leading training site for creating profitable chatbots. Her expertise comes from building chatbot campaigns and consulting for 100+ million-dollar brands like Mindvalley, Billy Gene Is Marketing, Matthew Hussey, DigitalMarketer, and Social Media Examiner. 

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