Meet the needs of today's on-the-go consumers

ManyChat combines Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email to automate personalized communication for every customer.

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Email alone is not enough in today's mobile economy

Things like junk mail, phishing scams, and the rise of other communication channels have made email far less effective. Considering the average person gets flooded with 120+ emails a day, you need to change how you engage with customers or be satisfied with losing out on additional revenue.

Consumers communicate when they want, how they want

Capturing consumer attention is increasingly difficult. You need to connect with every customer at the right time, through the right channel. ManyChat does this by combining the reach of Messenger, SMS, and email messaging to significantly increase response and revenue.

Reach over 1.3 billion Messenger & SMS users

Intuitive drag-and-drop system

Ready-to-go templates

Comprehensive online training

Trusted by over 1 million businesses and 200,000 marketing agencies worldwide

"On the first day, we generated 254 orders and $23,987 in revenue based on Facebook Messenger."

Dmitri Nikolakakis, CMO, Ape Athletics

“I sold $16,000 worth of pizza in 4 months thanks to ManyChat.”

Matt Plapp, Head ROI Expert,

Rapid Fired Pizza

"By simply funneling leads with our Messenger bot, we generated 

$1.2 million in revenue."

Austin Kueffner, CEO, Alice Digital & Design

Build a bot and increase your ROI

Advertise, market, and sell products nonstop—even while you're sleeping

Meet the high expectations of today’s demanding mobile customers by providing a better, interactive, and personalized experience.

Increase ROI

Respond to buyers instantly on their phones, show them the products that fit them best, and get them to buy—all inside of Facebook Messenger or on your website.

Always be there for your customers

Our solution is interactive, immediate, and works offline, so you can always respond to customer questions, send order updates, and share offers and coupons.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Easily automate interactive, two-way conversations that nurture relationships and lead to sales. Create personalized customer journeys that span across Messenger, SMS, and email.

Maximize the tools you already use

Seamlessly connect ManyChat to the tools you use every day, like Shopify, PayPal, Facebook, Stripe, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, and more than 2,000 apps with Zapier.

Connect with Shopify and recover lost sales

Up to 80% of buyers abandon carts. Get them back on the path to purchase with personalized offers and automated reminders using our free Shopify cart-recovery template.

Provide a unique experience for everyone

Leverage social media conversations and customer responses to promote products and send coupons, at the moment consumers are most likely to act.

Understand what works

Use the eCommerce dashboard, which automatically pulls metrics from Shopify, to understand what converts best, tracking earnings, average revenue, purchases per buyer, and unique buyers.

Get up and running fast

Our customer support and extensive library of tutorials and best practices are available to get you started. Engage with and learn from the 85,000 members of the active ManyChat Facebook community.

"Chat marketing is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to create lasting, profitable relationships with their customers. Manychat makes that easy to do."

Neil Patel, entrepreneur and online marketing expert

Over 1 million businesses are achieving as high as 59.43% open rates and up to 248.2% more clicks. When will you?

Build a bot and connect with 4X more customers today.

What Is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger Marketing is the act of marketing to your customers using a messaging app.

Build a list by attracting new leads. Nurture those leads by sending them content and answering their questions. Ultimately, convert those leads into new paying customers.

Conceptually, Messenger Marketing is similar to how Email Marketing works. But in practice, Messenger Marketing works differently than email. It’s more conversational. With Messenger Marketing, people are looking for a conversation that feels 1-1, where emails from most businesses are one to many. Also unlike email, (where open and click-through rates continue to decline year after year), Messenger Marketing is growing rapidly.

How do chatbots work?

Chatbots are not a “one size fits all” technology. How your chatbot functions depends on the business tasks you need it to fulfill. There are three different types of chatbots customers experience today:

1. Rule-based chatbots. A rule-based chatbot is the most common kind of chatbot in business. It’s built using a Chat Marketing platform in a graphic interface with preset rules. A user will select responses and the chatbot will guide them in the right direction.

2. A.I. chatbots. These conversation bot applications learn as they go. They are built by a developer and become smarter the more a human interacts with it.

3. Live chat. Live chat allows customer support and sales teams to respond to customer’s questions in real-time. Teams can respond through a messaging app and help create a better customer experience on their website, Facebook page, or mobile app.

What is a Facebook Messenger bot?

A bot is a series of automated conversations that can answer common questions from your customers over Facebook Messenger. This could be to explain what your product or service does, gather information about the customer, deliver helpful content, or nurture them towards a sale.

What can a bot do for my business?

Our bots allow you to automatically welcome new users, send them content, schedule messages, respond to specific keywords, and much more.

Where do my customers send text messages?

ManyChat will assign your business a phone number where your customers can send SMS. Depending on the number of subscribers you have, you may receive multiple phone numbers. Any of these numbers can receive inbound SMS.

How Do I Activate SMS?

SMS messaging is available for ManyChat Pro users. Pick up a Pro plan for $10 and chat with customers over SMS, Facebook Messenger, and email — plus, get access to dozens of other marketing automation tools. Check it out on our pricing page.

What is ManyChat’s SMS Pricing Policy?

ManyChat charges $0.01 per outgoing message in the United States and Canada. Incoming messages are free. One SMS is limited to 160 characters (a 200-character message would be sent as two SMS).

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